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Book your Session


The Booking Fee Includes:

  • A pre-session consultation so I can meet your pup and discuss how to have a successful session

  • Photography Session at a location within the Greater Toronto Area

  • 30 proofs to review

  • Ordering appointment to see the images and order your art work

  • Booking fee will be applied to the collection you purchase

**Please note that no products or files are included in booking fee**

220305_ 4488.jpg
220521_ 6967.jpg

Pre-session Consultation

This is for a few key reasons:

1. It provides an opportunity for me to meet your pup before the session 

2. I can get a feel for your dog's behaviour and what will work best for our session so they have fun while I capture their personality. 

3. We will discuss what sort of artwork you are looking for and what options are available

4. You will receive information on how to prepare for the session to ensure it is a success.

The Session

The fun part!  I will use the information discussed in our consultation to help your dog feel comfortable during the session so they can be themselves. 


Ordering Appointment

This is where you will get to see the images and order your collection of choice.

The session fee will be applied to the cost of your collection.

Clients spend between $600-$8000 on artwork and albums. 

View images taken during the session and select your favourites

211006_ 4171.jpg

Choose which custom art pieces you want to order

210906_ 2378-Edit.jpg

Receive custom art work once it has been completed, hang on your wall, and enjoy!

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